Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Spirit in the night

I ain't no fashionista or whatever but these are just some things I've got my eyes on & would like to get my hands on when my wages comes through & I've paid off my debts (yes, at 17 I already have debts, shameful!)

1. Sleeveless denim jacket with a touch of tartan (I am Scottish after all!), ASOS Marketplace
2. Vintage Levi's customised shorts, ASOS Marketplace
3. Tuxedo blazer, ASOS ( JUST. LOOK. AT. IT. SO. PRETTY.)
4. Eleven Paris Tom Selleck t-shirt, ASOS
5. Cambridge satchel, ASOS (it is really pricey but it would be lovely for college in August!)
6. T-shirt in slouch loose knit, ASOS (it would go with anything)
7. 'Denim Leggings', or Jeggings as everyone but Topshop knows them as, Topshop (I have had my eye on these for months!!)

That's what I plan on buying soon, oh and a onesie!


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