Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Talk to me, until the night's over

I finally had the time to do an OOTD! This is from yesterday where I went out with my friends Carla and Rosie to Glasgow, it was a great day. We got the subway down to the beautiful Kelvingrove park and sat in the sun for hours, then we headed back up on the subway to have dinner in Wagamama's. I've never been there before but it is so nice, the food is great and so is the service! Today I need to study my heart out as my business management exam is tomorrow and I have done next to nothing for it, haha! Instead of studying      I have read the entire Hunger Games first book in 5 days, you have to read it! It is amazing, you literally can't put it down. Tomorrow after my exam is finished I am going to donate blood then heading to my friend Mairi's to celebrate her 18th birthday!

1. All from River Island

Friday, 25 May 2012

In the midnight hour...

The weather is still glorious, I could get used to it! I'm going to be a busy bee over the next two days with some long shifts at work (i'll be missing the sunshine, boo!) and catching up on The Voice but i'm hoping to do a wee OOTD post tomorrow after work as today I swung by River Island to 'window shop' before work and I ended up walking out with a nice pair of shorts and a top... I'm also trying to finish The Hunger Games, only 116 pages to go! I'm totally hooked! 

I have just realised how close my graduation & prom is and it's a tad scary. I will miss good old Greeny but it is definitely time to move on to new things and I'm actually hoping that summer flashes by so I can dive straight into college! I'm excited to meet new people and experience new challenges. Speaking of prom, I still need to find shoes, a bag and get my dress taken up... Oooops!

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying the weather and have a nice relaxing weekend!

Long Luv xx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Girls in their summer clothes

Scotland has been enjoying some unusual B-E-A-U-TIFUL weather recently, and our favourite weatherman Sean Batty has informed us it is set to continue! Happy days! Today I sat out in my garden from 11am until 8pm, it is safe to say I am very red and burnt... I managed to take some pictures of my day though, which basically included me reading half of The Hunger Games in 4 hours (IT IS AMAZING.) and going to Tesco to come back with three packs of jammies dodgers all for a free monkey -it is sooooo cute though! Tomorrow me and the grlies are going to Rach's to celebrate her passing her driving test, if she passes it, but SHE WILL. That'll mean a few bottles of cider and some fun on her trampoline, good times! Well i'm off to bed to cry about my peeling nose :(

1. The only pair of tights I could find left me looking like a hobo...
2. My new obsession, jesus lord, what a book!
4. Greek style yoghurt with walnuts for lunch, mmmm
5. An irn-bru float (basically irn bru with two scoops of ice cream)
6. Once the sun was away I settled down to a nice steak pie dinner & my Lie To Me series one dvd!

Long Luv xx

Monday, 21 May 2012

Blue Monday.

Today has consisted of pretty much nothing -just like the rest of my 'study' leave- I have only just dragged myself out of my bed of golden slumbers and relocated to the garden to enjoy some of the nice sunshine. In Scotland it is so rare to not have rain that the minute the clouds part we are all going to work/school like we've just moved to Tenerife! Yesterday I had a loooong and early shift at McDonalds, it was okay but looking out at the sunshine was saddening so the minute I finished I got on the t-phone and made plans with my gurl, Gala (Carla, but we call her Gala). We went a nice walk in sunshine then came back to mine to watch The Voice, eat our body weight in food & pamper mr jingles, what a lucky hamster! I'm not working until friday night now so plan on dragging myself to school for the next few days so I can study for my next exam, fun times.

1. mr jingles and his ladies, what a wee pimp
2. I spent most of today watching, but mainly crying at, Grey's Anatomy
3. Been reading me some Company, love this issue!
4. Llama's, crisps that are actually shaped like Llamas! GO FORTH TO TESCO AND BUY THEM ALL.
5. Jack White, my latest musical love. Listening to his new album 24/7
6. Sunny Scotland (for once) Yes, that is a table tennis table!
7. Christmas socks in the sun, i'm SO fashionable!


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Glory Days well they'll pass you by

So I've gave my blog a little bit of an update since I'm starting to get the hang of it, hoe you like it! Nothing much has been done in the past couple days, went to Coltness and stayed with my Aunt last night and today I came home and watched The Voice. Literally LOVE that programme, it  is so much better than The X Factor!! I think Max & Bo will get through on Danny's team and Vince & Becky will get through on Jessie's team. Hoping to have a bit of an early night as i'm working at 9am tomorrow!
Anyways, was going to do a wee post on the good old days as I was bored one day and decided to check out my old bebo to see all the embarrassing stuff I used to do, I found some crackers haha! Hope you have a good weekend!

1. Me and Mairi at a friend or our's gig I think
2. Me in first second year...
3. End of second year, outside our school after a trip to M & D's
4. In school in second or third year haha, we were so cooool! I'm on the left...
5. Christmas Ceilidh in fourth year (I think!)
6. Mairi's 15th or 16th, not sure which one, we went to an unders club haha!

I have had many hairstyles clearly haha!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Days like these...

Well today was dramatic to say the least. As you know it was my Higher English exam but I almost never got to sit my Higher English exam. You see I woke up at 09:06 with a phone call from my school, my exam began at 09:00... Now my technique when it comes to exams is to sleep all day and stay up ALL night studying (essentially pulling an all nighter) cause I never feel confident about exams unless I study until the last second. But because I was working today at five until nine I knew I couldn't stay up cause I would be faaar too tired at work, so I went to bed around 1am ( Mistake numero 1). I also didnt set my alarm right so it never went off at 7am (mistake numero 2). This resulted in my head of year, the amazing mrs swift (swifty) coming to get me at my house & taking me to the school to sit my exam.Technically, if you are late you don't get any extra time but she managed to allow me to do the whole paper, just an hour later than everyone else. On top of that she made me coffee, what a hero! The exam itself was okay but i'm not sure how I did, the close reading was okay but I missed about 6/7 marks worth and one of my essays was terrible! I wrote like 4 paragraphs for my Death of a Salesman essay, which is bad. I did write a really good one on Fearless, the short story I studied, so here's hoping I did enough! I'm hoping that's the last drama I have for a while, but with my luck you never know. My next exam is the 30th but luckily it starts at 1pm, so I should manage to be up on time...hopefully!

1. Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?
2. Chocolates and a card for my hero, swifty <3
3. My new arch nemisis, my far-too-comfortable-so-I-miss-exams bed.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lonesome Day

Tomorrow is my Higher English exam so today I've been procrastinating studying for it. To be honest I really haven't study that hard for my exams thus far, especially since I got an unconditional from the college I wanna go to! Plus, after tomorrow I only have my Higher Business exam left on the 30th then I am finito (thank the lord!) I was thinking earlier about all the nice things I could do after my exam is over tomorrow, like drink a bottle of vino, watch endless episodes of Grey's Anatomy or Blue Bloods, sleeeeeep! But then it dawned on me that I'm working :( I plan on going to my Aunt's on Friday too for a wee catch up and some time away so that should be fun! 
I have stayed in my jammies all day (in fact for the past 3 days!) and listened to Twin Atlantic & Bruce Springsteen on spotify since I woke up! I thought I'd post some pictures that sum up my day today :)

1. I often change things about in my room cause I get bored soooo easily, so I decided to use my American flag to showcase my new Springsteen poster & pictures I recently got printed off above my bed.
2. The study cards (flashcards) I have spent my day making (essentially not learning anything & just writing in an array of colours)
3. My 30 Rock mug that has been endlessly filled with tea today! I bought this when I went to New York & Washington DC last year with my school at the NBC studios. I absolutely LOVE the show & Tina Fey
4. This is my best pal, megan's ukulele but she loaned me it so I can learn to play. I'm shit. But practice makes perfect & all that jazz!
5. my BF, mr jingles! We had a rough start and have only recently began to like each other (I've had him other a year...) but he's kept me company over study leave & we eat raisins together.
6. FINALLY finished all the study cards for my poem! Now I just need to finish the ones for my short story and begin the ones of my play, Death of a Salesman (cries).


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

We learned more from a three minute record baby, than we ever learned in school.


It was recently my last day at Greenfaulds High (cries). I've had a brilliant six years there & met some incredible people that I hope to know for the rest of my days! It wasn't as emotional as I thought it would be - I was worse a couple of days before when I cried because it was someone's birthday and we all sang Happy Birthday in the halls to him... (I cry easily, clearly). We all had fun with a few drinks in the halls & some bangin' tunes on. Oh and a game of Twister! We even had a joke uniform detention where our Head Teacher basically told us how much of a great bunch we are (got to love big mayonnaise!) We still have graduation & prom to look forward to in June but after that we are totally finito! I'm really sad to leave but at the same time i'm excited to see what the future holds. I'm going to City of Glasgow college in August for a year to do Social Sciences then hopefully onto Stirling Uni to do a teaching degree! I don't think I'd want to go back to GHS to teach though, it would have changed to much & I feel like this is a good ending to my time there.



I should probably warn you early, I have a major love for this man & his music. If I could kidnap him & make him sit in a corner of my room and sing all day I would, but I can't, that is very much illegal (lucky brucey). All my post titles will most likely be a lyric or song title of his, trust me I know them all. I only got into his music about 4/5 years ago and I went to see him at Hampden in 2009. His music gets me through a bad day or compliments a good mood, it's so varied. I hoped I'd get the chance to see him this year but it looks unlikely :( but here's hoping he comes back real soon!


Spirit in the night

I ain't no fashionista or whatever but these are just some things I've got my eyes on & would like to get my hands on when my wages comes through & I've paid off my debts (yes, at 17 I already have debts, shameful!)

1. Sleeveless denim jacket with a touch of tartan (I am Scottish after all!), ASOS Marketplace
2. Vintage Levi's customised shorts, ASOS Marketplace
3. Tuxedo blazer, ASOS ( JUST. LOOK. AT. IT. SO. PRETTY.)
4. Eleven Paris Tom Selleck t-shirt, ASOS
5. Cambridge satchel, ASOS (it is really pricey but it would be lovely for college in August!)
6. T-shirt in slouch loose knit, ASOS (it would go with anything)
7. 'Denim Leggings', or Jeggings as everyone but Topshop knows them as, Topshop (I have had my eye on these for months!!)

That's what I plan on buying soon, oh and a onesie!