Saturday, 19 May 2012

Glory Days well they'll pass you by

So I've gave my blog a little bit of an update since I'm starting to get the hang of it, hoe you like it! Nothing much has been done in the past couple days, went to Coltness and stayed with my Aunt last night and today I came home and watched The Voice. Literally LOVE that programme, it  is so much better than The X Factor!! I think Max & Bo will get through on Danny's team and Vince & Becky will get through on Jessie's team. Hoping to have a bit of an early night as i'm working at 9am tomorrow!
Anyways, was going to do a wee post on the good old days as I was bored one day and decided to check out my old bebo to see all the embarrassing stuff I used to do, I found some crackers haha! Hope you have a good weekend!

1. Me and Mairi at a friend or our's gig I think
2. Me in first second year...
3. End of second year, outside our school after a trip to M & D's
4. In school in second or third year haha, we were so cooool! I'm on the left...
5. Christmas Ceilidh in fourth year (I think!)
6. Mairi's 15th or 16th, not sure which one, we went to an unders club haha!

I have had many hairstyles clearly haha!


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