Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lonesome Day

Tomorrow is my Higher English exam so today I've been procrastinating studying for it. To be honest I really haven't study that hard for my exams thus far, especially since I got an unconditional from the college I wanna go to! Plus, after tomorrow I only have my Higher Business exam left on the 30th then I am finito (thank the lord!) I was thinking earlier about all the nice things I could do after my exam is over tomorrow, like drink a bottle of vino, watch endless episodes of Grey's Anatomy or Blue Bloods, sleeeeeep! But then it dawned on me that I'm working :( I plan on going to my Aunt's on Friday too for a wee catch up and some time away so that should be fun! 
I have stayed in my jammies all day (in fact for the past 3 days!) and listened to Twin Atlantic & Bruce Springsteen on spotify since I woke up! I thought I'd post some pictures that sum up my day today :)

1. I often change things about in my room cause I get bored soooo easily, so I decided to use my American flag to showcase my new Springsteen poster & pictures I recently got printed off above my bed.
2. The study cards (flashcards) I have spent my day making (essentially not learning anything & just writing in an array of colours)
3. My 30 Rock mug that has been endlessly filled with tea today! I bought this when I went to New York & Washington DC last year with my school at the NBC studios. I absolutely LOVE the show & Tina Fey
4. This is my best pal, megan's ukulele but she loaned me it so I can learn to play. I'm shit. But practice makes perfect & all that jazz!
5. my BF, mr jingles! We had a rough start and have only recently began to like each other (I've had him other a year...) but he's kept me company over study leave & we eat raisins together.
6. FINALLY finished all the study cards for my poem! Now I just need to finish the ones for my short story and begin the ones of my play, Death of a Salesman (cries).


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