Monday, 21 May 2012

Blue Monday.

Today has consisted of pretty much nothing -just like the rest of my 'study' leave- I have only just dragged myself out of my bed of golden slumbers and relocated to the garden to enjoy some of the nice sunshine. In Scotland it is so rare to not have rain that the minute the clouds part we are all going to work/school like we've just moved to Tenerife! Yesterday I had a loooong and early shift at McDonalds, it was okay but looking out at the sunshine was saddening so the minute I finished I got on the t-phone and made plans with my gurl, Gala (Carla, but we call her Gala). We went a nice walk in sunshine then came back to mine to watch The Voice, eat our body weight in food & pamper mr jingles, what a lucky hamster! I'm not working until friday night now so plan on dragging myself to school for the next few days so I can study for my next exam, fun times.

1. mr jingles and his ladies, what a wee pimp
2. I spent most of today watching, but mainly crying at, Grey's Anatomy
3. Been reading me some Company, love this issue!
4. Llama's, crisps that are actually shaped like Llamas! GO FORTH TO TESCO AND BUY THEM ALL.
5. Jack White, my latest musical love. Listening to his new album 24/7
6. Sunny Scotland (for once) Yes, that is a table tennis table!
7. Christmas socks in the sun, i'm SO fashionable!


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