Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday round up #5

1. Topshop necklace & Primark scarf 2. River Island boots 3. Topshop & River Island necklaces 4, 5 & 6.    Edinburgh Fringe 7. Game Of Thrones 8. Ice Cream 9. Sick bed

Well today's round up was going to be cheery until I woke up this morning with tonsils like golf balls. Today was supposed to be the day I got the last of my college stuff and gutted out my room but now i'm stuck in bed eating copious amounts of ice cream and drinking litres of water. I have my first day of college tomorrow so this hasn't happened at a good time!
Anyway, this week I've been for dinner with the girl's for Mel's birthday. I love when we all get together and catch up, we have such a good laugh! On Wednesday I went back to the Edinburgh Fringe to see Irish comedian,  Gearoid Farrelly. He was absolutely hilarious and I had such a fun night in Edinburgh.
My college induction was on tuesday and, until today, I couldn't wait to start my course tomorrow. Everyone on my course is lovely and I love the campus i'm going to be at. Hopefully I can get a bit better for tomorrow as the last thing I want is to hardly be able to speak! Really want to get my head down this year and show how good I can do academically as at school I've always been a bit of a floater.
As well as starting college next week I have dinner with the girls again for Kayleigh leaving for Dundee, so even more reason to rest today! I'm also trying to put plans together for my 18th as it's only two weeks away now! 
Well I'm going back to watch my Game Of Thrones box set and numb my tonsils with ice cream!

I hope you've had a good week!


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday round up #4

1 & 2. Kimmy's house party 3. Edinburgh 4. Olympic rings 5. Beautiful Architecture 6 & 7. Edinburgh Fringe 6. Me

Is it just me or do weeks just fly by nowadays? Feels like I wrote my last Sunday round up about two days ago! Anyway, I've had a pretty quiet week with a few outings and a few shifts at work. Last Saturday I had my friend's birthday party, it's been AGES since I was last at a house party (everyone seems to book halls or go into town now) and I've missed them! A lot of my friends from the year below me at school were there so it was good to catch up with them since I won't see them everyday now :( On Wednesday, me and Rosie took a trip into Edinburgh instead of Glasgow for a change. It was such a good day! Edinburgh is so pretty, like the buildings, the gardens, the people, it's just amazing. We went shopping on Princes street, went to the Edinburgh Dungeons, had a nice Italian lunch and took in some of the Fringe Festival. We are going to go back next week to see some of the shows including an Irish comedian, Gearriod Farrelly! I spent saturday with my best friend Mel, a bottle of wine & the X Factor! (check her blog out here!) And tonight we went out for a belated birthday dinner for Mel since she was on holiday for her actual birthday, it was great to catch up & have a laugh with all the girls! 
Next week should be good with my college induction and a visit to the Edinburgh Fringe again, hoping to do a few more posts next week though including my The Newsroom review and a haul of the things I've bought over the summer so please give my blog a wee follow!

Have you been to the Fringe? 


Thursday, 16 August 2012


I don't know about you but I am so excited for winter, and even more so since I saw ASOS, Topshop and River Island's autumn collections! These are the things I shall be picking up over the next couple of months


I love high waisted jeans, they suit my shape so well so the news that they are going to be making a big comeback has me running to Glasgow! The matching scarf and hat , plus the leather gloves will be perfect for my weekend break to Berlin in December -and for the winter weather here in Scotland.


I love the colour of this snood and think it would be perfect if the snow hits this winter. The jacket is so nice, and again I love the colour, this will also come in handy for my trip to Berlin as it will be pretty cold! I really love this bag and think it would be great for college


The high waisted jeans have to be the nicest I've seen and I'm hoping to pick them up next week when I get paid, along with the black/red chelsea boots. I love the black collar on the denim shirt as it stands out and the  stud detail on the black sleeveless shirt makes it perfect for a night out. I've been searching for a nice leather jacket for ages and this one is it, the fur is detachable so i'll probably wear it without

Have you seen anything you like? Which high street shop do you think has the nicest Autumn collection?

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday round up #3

1. Break time munch 2 & 3. walking around cumbernauld 4. News reporter gets into the olympic spirit! 5. Brave and pizza hut with my sister 6. Badminton 7. WINE TIME 8. Exam results 9. gifts for exam results 10. Topshop order 11. joining asos...finally

Well hello, don't you just love sundays? Spending the day in bed, eating my body weight in crap and watching endless US tv makes sunday my favourite day of the week! Over the last two weeks I've had a day out with my younger sister, kelsey, to see the new pixar film, Brave. It is actually amazing, I would recommend it to everyone. Despite being 7 years older I think I was more amazed at it than my sister! I've been on a few walks around the nice nature reserve beside my house (as much as we say cumbernauld is ugly, it is actually pretty beautiful!) I love walking, like literally, I walk EVERYWHERE. When I found out there was a walking olympic event I packed my bags for Rio 2016! Everywhere I look there seems to be Olympic fever and as much as I wasn't looking forward to it, it's been pretty exciting! Seeing sports that normally don't get the time of day in this country, on the tv has been great and it's given some brilliant role models to the younger ones. Oh, I also got my exam results in last week. I got two C's which i'm actually pretty happy with to be honest but I am determined that when I start college I have to actually get my head down and put the effort in! I've been shopping till I drop recently so i'll try do a wee post about what I've bought over the next couple weeks.

What's been your favourite Olympic sport? How do you spend your sundays? 


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

57 channels and nothin' on

So I wanted to do a little post about some new (and old) tv programmes I've been getting into lately. I'm always watching tv or a movie so i'm pretty excited to do a post like this. Recently I've been watching Political Animals , The Newsroom, New Girl and Rome so i'll do a little review of each over the coming weeks. First up, Political Animals!

 It's been advertised as a 'limited series event' but I hope to God they extend this show. It's more drama than politics, main character, Elaine Barrish is US Secretary of State and her ex-husband, Bud Hammond is a former president who she divorced after she failed to become President herself. He spent most of their marriage cheating on her and from the first episode you hate him, but come episode three he'll become your favourite character! They don't speak for two years until their son, Douglas' engagement party and Bud spends the rest of the series trying to win her back.  

If that's not enough for you, they have twin sons, Douglas and TJ. The former works for his mum and is soon to be married to bulimic fiancĂ©e, Anna, it's clear that he has an issue with his mum and dad becoming close again - and with her hopes of running for President again. TJ is the bad boy, he came out when his dad was in The White House as a teenager and has struggled with drugs ever since, he causes most of the drama within the family and the series. Another reason to watch: the sons are so unbelievably  HOT. Like seriously, they alone are worth the watch (especially the scenes when they are topless, holy jesus!). Elaine's mother, Margaret also makes this series worth a watch, her one liners are comedy gold!
This programme has got me excited for sunday nights again, and even if my review hasn't got you excited, you should still give the first episode a watch!

Over the next few weeks i'll review the other series', with next week on The Newsroom. Hope you enjoyed my review!