Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday round up #4

1 & 2. Kimmy's house party 3. Edinburgh 4. Olympic rings 5. Beautiful Architecture 6 & 7. Edinburgh Fringe 6. Me

Is it just me or do weeks just fly by nowadays? Feels like I wrote my last Sunday round up about two days ago! Anyway, I've had a pretty quiet week with a few outings and a few shifts at work. Last Saturday I had my friend's birthday party, it's been AGES since I was last at a house party (everyone seems to book halls or go into town now) and I've missed them! A lot of my friends from the year below me at school were there so it was good to catch up with them since I won't see them everyday now :( On Wednesday, me and Rosie took a trip into Edinburgh instead of Glasgow for a change. It was such a good day! Edinburgh is so pretty, like the buildings, the gardens, the people, it's just amazing. We went shopping on Princes street, went to the Edinburgh Dungeons, had a nice Italian lunch and took in some of the Fringe Festival. We are going to go back next week to see some of the shows including an Irish comedian, Gearriod Farrelly! I spent saturday with my best friend Mel, a bottle of wine & the X Factor! (check her blog out here!) And tonight we went out for a belated birthday dinner for Mel since she was on holiday for her actual birthday, it was great to catch up & have a laugh with all the girls! 
Next week should be good with my college induction and a visit to the Edinburgh Fringe again, hoping to do a few more posts next week though including my The Newsroom review and a haul of the things I've bought over the summer so please give my blog a wee follow!

Have you been to the Fringe? 


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