Wednesday, 8 August 2012

57 channels and nothin' on

So I wanted to do a little post about some new (and old) tv programmes I've been getting into lately. I'm always watching tv or a movie so i'm pretty excited to do a post like this. Recently I've been watching Political Animals , The Newsroom, New Girl and Rome so i'll do a little review of each over the coming weeks. First up, Political Animals!

 It's been advertised as a 'limited series event' but I hope to God they extend this show. It's more drama than politics, main character, Elaine Barrish is US Secretary of State and her ex-husband, Bud Hammond is a former president who she divorced after she failed to become President herself. He spent most of their marriage cheating on her and from the first episode you hate him, but come episode three he'll become your favourite character! They don't speak for two years until their son, Douglas' engagement party and Bud spends the rest of the series trying to win her back.  

If that's not enough for you, they have twin sons, Douglas and TJ. The former works for his mum and is soon to be married to bulimic fiancĂ©e, Anna, it's clear that he has an issue with his mum and dad becoming close again - and with her hopes of running for President again. TJ is the bad boy, he came out when his dad was in The White House as a teenager and has struggled with drugs ever since, he causes most of the drama within the family and the series. Another reason to watch: the sons are so unbelievably  HOT. Like seriously, they alone are worth the watch (especially the scenes when they are topless, holy jesus!). Elaine's mother, Margaret also makes this series worth a watch, her one liners are comedy gold!
This programme has got me excited for sunday nights again, and even if my review hasn't got you excited, you should still give the first episode a watch!

Over the next few weeks i'll review the other series', with next week on The Newsroom. Hope you enjoyed my review!

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