Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday round up #2

1. Drive 2. Christmas socks in July 3. Ketchup in Ashton Lane with Mel 4. The Dark Knight Rises 5. Sudocrem, my saving grace 6. The most addictive books ever, Hunger Games Series 7. TGIs cocktails with Carla, oreo style! 8. Flog It at Kelvingrove 9. Kelvingrove 10. Tony Macaroni's 11. The Eclipse

It's been a while! I keep forgetting to upload and then my camera broke *cries* so i'm using my wee bb. This is actually a round up of the past two weeks since I forgot to last week! I watched Drive a couple weeks ago on Netflix (I got a months free trial but won't be keeping it as I don't think it's really worth it) now Ryan Gosling is just perfect in every way but in this film his acting was superb. The acting, the soundtrack, the cinematography, everything about this film makes it oscar worthy!
 I also managed to have a day out with my ever busy best friend Mel (check her blog out here). We went some shopping, the sale in Urban Outfitters just now is amazing, buy one get one free on sale items! She spent half the day marveling at the once £85 but now £25 shoes and the free £22 worth bag she got! After some tiresome shopping we headed to the west end, in my opinion the most beautiful area of Glasgow, for some food in Ashton Lane. 
I also went to see The Dark Knight Rises on the first day it was out with some friends, it was absolutely incredible! The twists and action scenes kept me on the edge of my seat throughout and Joesph Gordon Levitt's face, as always, made me almost drool (him + nypd uniform = very happy rach!) If you haven't seen it then run to your nearest cinema RIGHT NOW, do not miss out.
I also got a chance to see my best friend Carla for her 18th birthday and head to TGIs for some dinner and cocktails, where we happened to see STV news' John MacKay (If your Scottish then you'll know who!) 
                                           This week I caught up with Rosie since she's back from her six weeks in Oz. We took a trip to the West End (again, I know) and walked down to the beautiful Kelvingrove Museum to look round the art and other bits and pieces. However, when we got in there was cameras everywhere and it turned out they where filming BBC programme, Flog It haha! So we wandered round, waving at every camera we saw on our visit and generally being our usual idiot selves! We then headed to Tony Macaroni's, a lovely Italian restaurant. The food in there, and the service, is top class. 
We also had a chance to talk over our next holiday adventures! Last year in December we went to London for two days to see Paul McCartney and see the sights. This year in December we are heading to Berlin for 3/4 days, a place that I have always wanted to visit (the architecture, the food, and the beer, what more could you want?). We are also planning a 2-4 week trip across Europe next summer by train to see everywhere from Paris to Rome to Barcelona (may'be even a wee day visit to Benacassim) and, if I get my way, Dublin and Belfast! It's early days but we're both really keen to go on what would be the trip of a lifetime!
Anyway, other things I've been up to is work, work, work (those big macs don't flip themselves!), reading Catching Fire of The Hunger Games series and watching yet more TV and movies. I'm going to do a little post about the TV I've been getting into recently over the next week so please keep a look out and give it a read!
Hope you have had a great week and an even better 'summer' so far.

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