Thursday, 12 July 2012

7 things for seven days update!

I forgot to update my progress from joinin in with louise from sprinkleofglitter's 7 things for seven days challenge so this is a post that should have been put up last week!

Save. This has went okay, I've managed to buy most of the things I need for T in the park and not spent much on rubbish. I have seen so many nice things that  I want to buy though so it has definitely been a challenge!

Spring Clean. This one has went not so well. I have rearranged the poster and pictures on my walls  but as far as spring cleaning is concerned, I haven't got very far...

Exercise. This started off badly but last week I went to the gym 3 times for about an hour and a half each time with my friend, Megan motivating me and pushing me to work hard! I've also been drinking alot of water and eating relatively healthy since about mid-week. Long may this continue!

Organise. I have bought my tent, clothes, drink, sleeping bag and chair for TITP. I just have some bits & bobs to pick up this week and i'm sorted!

Read. I have read some more of my book, Tuesdays with Morrie, it's great and really interesting.

Blog. I've tried my best to blog a little bit more each wee and it's went pretty well

Discover. Etsy. Oh my god, i'm in heaven. So many one off buys and nice cute things that would make my room so pretty, but my bank balance pretty ugly!

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