Thursday, 12 July 2012

TITP 2012!

Wow, what a weekend! Last Friday I got up in the early hours to set off to Balado Airfield in Kinross unaware of what I was getting myself into, however, it turned into one of the best weekends of my life! We set up camp in Amber 3 (or Auburn 3 as I kept calling it!) which was a 5 min walk from the Sunset Strip (where the tent's and stages are). Over the weekend I saw some amazing acts; Florence & the Machine (WHAT. A. VOICE), The Darkness, Calvin Harris (best moment of my life), Childish Gambino, Flux Pavilion, Twin Atlantic, McFly, Swedish House Mafia, Major Lazer and my favourite band Alabama Shakes!
The only disappointment was Nicki Minaj. She was an hour late for her set, which meant I could've seen Elbow, made no apology for being late, played for 20 minutes then stormed off, you couldn't hear her singing cause her bass was too loud and it looked like she lip synced. Everyone was booing her but when I watched it back on TV they have edited that out! 
The slam tent is my favourite place on Earth. It's just amazing and I saw Fake Blood & Major Lazer there to name a few!
The mud and rain didn't dampen our spirits and actually, I felt it added to the fun! Me and my friend, Kirsty, sprinting through foot deep mud to catch The Vaccines set was hilarious! 
I definitely go back next year, especially since it's the 20th anniversary! I also wanna go to Benacassim , so robbing a bank is probs my best option!

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