Friday, 29 June 2012

Film Friday.

So I've decided to introduce some features  to the blog, including Film Friday! I'm always watching movies and have so many DVD's it is unbelievable! I was trying to think of a film to write about this week but when flicking through the channels a couple nights ago I saw Mamma Mia was just starting. I love this film so much (so much so I saw it four times in the cinema!) It is so unbelievably cheesy but yet never fails to put a smile on your face. The songs, the story and the actors are all perfect! Meryl Streep could play anyone is her sleep, what a talented actress. If you haven't seen it (eh, where have you been!?) then get down to Tesco and buy it right now, it's just what you'll need to take away your summer rain blues!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

7 things for 7 days

You may have seen the fabulous sprinkleofglitter's recent posts about 7 things 7 days? She has been blogging the things she hopes to achieve in the week and sharing her progress. In her most recent post (have a look here) she went interactive! Yes, we really are all in it together. So here is my seven goals for this week!

Save. This is a must with T in the Park just round the corner and if this goal isn't achieved I will be going 3 days without anything but a soggy mars bar to eat!

Spring Clean. I have been planning to gut out my room for months now and have never got round to it, no more excuses! I want to throw away all my old stuff and rearrange it all

Exercise. I need to get back to the gym and shift some weight. I plan on playing hockey after the summer but only if I manage to lose half a stone, I better stop making excuses and start pounding that treadmill!

Organise. I have a pair of wellies for T in the Park... that's it. This week I will sort everything I need and get it all packed so there is no last minute rushing about!

Read. I've bought some new books recently, Tuesdays With Morrie and Catching Fire, so I want to get started on one this week!

Blog. In my last post I said I wanted to start some features (Happy Mondays, Film Friday and Sunday Round Up) so my goal is to stick to them!

Discover. Anything. A band, A place, something new!

You should all join in Louise's 7 things for 7 days and see how much you can achieve!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sunday round up.

Well hello! Today I am going into Glasgow to pick up my T in the Park ticket, how very exciting! It was a bit of a last minute plan but I cannot wait to go for the first time...even though I hate camping. This week has been filled with nothingness and work , and next week should be the same with many shifts for TITP spending money. Although I'm going to take this blogging malarky a little more seriously and introduce some features (oooooooh). So here's what to expect...

Monday - Happy Mondays (Happy thoughts,facts or stories to get your week off to a good start...POSITIVITY!)

Friday - Film Friday (A review of my latest Dvd choice or cinema visit, i'm constantly watching films so this will be a doddle!)

Sunday - Sunday round up (All the news and pictures of the latest goings on in my life)

Of course there will still be the odd random thoughts or OOTD posts whenever I fell like it but my main goal is to post 3 times a week at least. Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Goodbye, Greenfaulds

It's been a while since I posted, due to my graduation and prom last Thursday. As one of the school's Vice Captains I had the pleasure of organising the prom, it was stressful to say the least! It was both sad and happy as I was leaving a place that had been like home for 6 years, I have never even stayed in one house that long! The whole day was a fitting end to our time there, graduation let us look over all the events and moments we've had over the 6 years and prom was just an amazing drunken party! We had pre drinks at Rosie's (I drank a fair few mojitos!) then the three viceys headed to the Grand Central hotel to set up. Dinner was lovely & everyone seemed to have a good laugh at the awards we made. After that it was on to the dancing, and boy did we dance! Fist pumping and singing every word to 212 with Jenn & Mr Cochrane has to be highlight as was falling whilst dancing to YMCA with Mr McGowan (yes, it is possible to fall in the most stationary of dances! I certainly lived up to my 'clumsiest girl' award!). Oh and who could forget Loch Lomond at the end, THAT was madness! I spent the next day trailing about town in hotel complimentary slippers, as I forgot to bring any shoes apart from my massive prom heels, until I managed to buy shoes in primark haha! I hope me & my friends manage to stay in touch, it will be hard as we are going to many different places all over the country but i'm sure if we try we'll manage!  I will miss good old GHS, the staff and seeing all my friends everyday but I feel it is the right time to move on to new challenges and i'm excited to see what the next few years brings!

GHS Class of 2012

1. Mr McCann, Mr Scott, Daniel and Drew doing their usual 'Single Ladies' routine...
2. Mel, Me, Mairi, Kayls, Lauren and Megan
3. Me, Rach, Jenn, Rosie and Kirsty after pre drinks
4. Me & Oliver having a celebratory cigar!
5. Me, Swifty and Jenn
6. Me, our English teacher, Miss Sloan and Carla
7. Me, our Head Teacher, Dr May and Jenn
8. Just Before Graduation
9. The largest chandelier in Europe, in Grand Central Hotel!
10. Pre drinks photos
11. Megan, Mrs McLoughlin, Me and McGowan
12. Oliver & Me
13. Rosie, Rach, Me, Kirsty, Jenn and Carla