Thursday, 17 May 2012

Days like these...

Well today was dramatic to say the least. As you know it was my Higher English exam but I almost never got to sit my Higher English exam. You see I woke up at 09:06 with a phone call from my school, my exam began at 09:00... Now my technique when it comes to exams is to sleep all day and stay up ALL night studying (essentially pulling an all nighter) cause I never feel confident about exams unless I study until the last second. But because I was working today at five until nine I knew I couldn't stay up cause I would be faaar too tired at work, so I went to bed around 1am ( Mistake numero 1). I also didnt set my alarm right so it never went off at 7am (mistake numero 2). This resulted in my head of year, the amazing mrs swift (swifty) coming to get me at my house & taking me to the school to sit my exam.Technically, if you are late you don't get any extra time but she managed to allow me to do the whole paper, just an hour later than everyone else. On top of that she made me coffee, what a hero! The exam itself was okay but i'm not sure how I did, the close reading was okay but I missed about 6/7 marks worth and one of my essays was terrible! I wrote like 4 paragraphs for my Death of a Salesman essay, which is bad. I did write a really good one on Fearless, the short story I studied, so here's hoping I did enough! I'm hoping that's the last drama I have for a while, but with my luck you never know. My next exam is the 30th but luckily it starts at 1pm, so I should manage to be up on time...hopefully!

1. Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?
2. Chocolates and a card for my hero, swifty <3
3. My new arch nemisis, my far-too-comfortable-so-I-miss-exams bed.

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